Artist Biography

Doug Thomas grew up in the Yakima, WA. He was the son of a commercial artist, painter and sign writer. Doug's artistic talents began to evolve, while working with his father in the graphics arts business. Doug's talent as a graphic artist grew from simple sketches and cartoons to working with his father with graphics and silk-screening. At age fifteen, Doug began painting murals on commercial buildings that are still in existence today, 25 years later.

Doug's artistic talent was expanded greatly throughout his childhood as he developed his musical skills playing the violin beginning at age 5. This became his “artistic expression." Doug won multiple State and Northwest Regional Championships throughout his childhood.  In 1982 at age eighteen, Doug's love for music eventually landed him the highly coveted, "U.S. National Fiddle Champion" Award. Doug continued with his music career in his hometown of Yakima, WA while obtaining a degree in Business Marketing and later working for the Washington State Department of Transportation sign shop.

An avid outdoorsman, he enjoyed white water rafting, mountain biking, fishing and mostly mountain climbing.  Doug summited both Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams on consecutive weekends.

In 1991 tragedy struck that would change Doug's life forever... He was a victim of a diving accident that left him a level C-45 quadriplegic at age 27. With the love and support of his family, friends and his community, he overcame enormous challenges. Thanks to new innovative and assistive technologies such as voice recognition, and Doug's determination for success, he developed his love for art using a computer.

Doug has turned tragedy into success and has become an inspiration to others through his highly provocative digital art, graphic design and website development. Today, Doug continues developing his digital art and websites, while spending time with his family and friends in his home in Yakima, WA. Doug has now developed into a pillar in his community and has become a model of success as well as an inspiration to others with disabilities.